About the Company

Medical institutions listed in this catalogue have not been selected by chance. Our medical support service, GLIMMed GmbH, has been operating on the medical service market of Europe and Germany for already over ten years. During this time period we have managed to amass invaluable experience of cooperation with various international medical institutions and, what is more important, to help our Russian clients when they look for the best solution of their different health-related problems. In our day-to-day work we consult patients, search for appropriate medical institutions and communicate with the leading medical experts abroad. To keep abreast in the latest trends of up-to-date medical science we study the work of clinics, their employees and monitor specialised medical bulletins.

The objective of GLIMMed is to make the advanced achievements of global medical science affordable for our patients. The rapid development of science and technology in the recent years has resulted in quite a few remarkable and revolutionary discoveries. We are always there where a new wave of progress arises. We want the results of the latest developments to be used not only for the benefit of a coterie of elite patients in Western Europe. We believe that by promoting treatment in advanced medical institutions we can help more and more patients to find hope anew and choose the right way to take care of their health.

Like nobody else we understand how difficult it is to trust one’s health to the care of unfamiliar specialists, to select this or that medical institution. Should I prefer a large university clinic or address to a small cosy private hospital, should I choose a multipurpose or a single purpose medical institution? These are the questions inevitably asked by any patient who is going for treatment abroad. If you address to us for consultation you may be rest assured that based on our unique experience we will recommend those specialists and those clinics to you which will best meet your personal requirements. However, the main criterion of our choice is the proficiency of medical treatment in the premises of this or that institution based on an individual and comprehensive approach to the consideration of the patient’s clinical record, his/her complaints and symptoms. And finally, we understand, too, how difficult it is sometimes to stay abroad, far from familiar environment missing the encouragement of relatives and friends.
That is why we exert every effort to provide our patients with maximum comfort and engage them in pleasant recreation activities since good mood is one of important conditions for fast recovery. The services provided in German clinics and the convenience of location thereof, friendly manners of medical staff and constant assistance of our Russian speaking employees will make you forget for some time that you are far away from home. Moreover, the fantastic nature of Alps and landscapes of Bavaria, its unique and original nature, the romanticism of medieval castles and ultramodern infrastructure of the country will make an unforgettable impression on you.

We hope that this catalogue will help you get a general idea about the level of up-to-date medical services in Bavaria and our partner clinics, learn something new about advanced methods of treatment and about that wonderful country. Unfortunately, the limited edition format does not allow us to tell you about all distinctive features, specialized areas and advantages of different medical institutions.
For additional information you are welcome to refer to our web site in the Internet: glimm-med.de.
Our officials in Munich and Moscow, as well as I myself, will be happy to answer all your questions.

Sincerely yours,

Lyudmila Grigorievna Aparina,
GLIMMed GmbH General Director

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